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We are proud to be chosen by many guests who want to eat delicious hida beef. Representative Director

specializes in Hida beef

What is Hida beef?

We are proud to be chosen by many guests who want to eat delicious hida beef. Representative Director
Hida beef is a delicious, first-class Japanese beef brand that rivals Kobe or Matsuzaka beef.
Hida beef is a brand name given to beef which has meat quality that is classified with the A/B rank and the 5/4/3 grade and which has been raised within Gifu Prefecture.

Hida is cool in the summer and the cold of winter is harsh. Cattle are kept in carefully managed barns over the winter where attention is paid to the health, hygiene and stress levels, etc. of the cattle. In the summer, the cattle roam the extensive lush green farm with its pure water that flows from the mountains and its clear sky – perfect conditions for rearing cattle.

The unique characteristics of Hida beef reared carefully by producer farmers are its fine-grained texture, its tenderness, its marbling which is spread evenly throughout, its clear pale pink colouring and its soft, melting texture. Furthermore, it is not too fatty and therefore can be enjoyed by people of any age from children to the elderly.

syabusyabu Hida beef.
This hotel specializes in Hida beef cuisine
and has continued to be chosen by
many guests who come in search of
the nationally famous brand of beef

I have only one wish which is to serve you
delicious Hida beef which is why we have continued
to offer our carefully selected Hida beef cuisine.

So what is different about Seiryu’s Hida beef cuisine?
Let me tell you…

What does the new beef evaluation standard, the melt-in-the-mouth index mean?

「Beef evaluation standard = melt-in-the-mouth index」

口溶け指数 グラフ blogk
  • The A4 and A5 labels are those which are generally used to describe meat quality rank.
  • In other words, the rank is decided by the degree of marbling.
  • However, can this really express the real taste of the meat all by itself?
  • Is it OK to offer Hida beef to our guests just on the basis of these labels?
  • I question the concept of ordinary in the world so I introduced a new Hida beef evaluation standard.
  • This is the melt-in-the-mouth index.
  • <What is the melt-in-the-mouth index?>
  • The melt-in-the-mouth index is a general name for the soft texture when you bite into the meat and the melting of the marbled fat in your mouth.
  • At Seiryu, we taste the Hida beef at the procurement stage
  • and we only use Hida beef that passes the melt-in-the-mouth test established by the head chef.

Enjoy even more delicious Hida beef…

しゃぶしゃぶ Beef cuisine includes many dishes such as sukiyaki (thinly sliced beef cooked in sweet soup at the table), shabu shabu (thinly sliced beef cooked at the table) and steak and it is general practice to change the cut of meat depending on each method of preparation.
Naturally, we select different cuts of Hida beef depending on the method of preparation then we test them because we must single out the best cut for each type of cuisine. For example, if you made a steak out of Hida beef with not much marbling… it would be tough and not very tasty (obviously).

On the other hand, if you made sliced raw beef out of Hida beef with a lot of marbling…
it would be fatty, the precious, marbled Hida beef would feel like too much and it wouldn’t be very tasty.

We want to serve delicious Hida beef to our guests. Therefore, we are very particular about selecting the right cut for the right dish. This is in no way an easy job. However, by being particular about this selection, we are able to serve our guests even more delicious Hida beef.

I am sure you will taste the difference…


…in the special Hida beef that we serve.
If you choose to stay at our hotel,
I am sure that you will enjoy
the delicious Hida beef.

I am sure that you will understand how special Seiryu Hotel’s Hida beef is when you taste it.
This is why we have the confidence to call ourselves Seiryu Hotel – Hida beef cuisine specialist.

『If you want to eat delicious Hida beef!』
we urge you to try the cuisine at Seiryu Hotel – Hida beef cuisine specialist.

Hotel specialising in Hida beef cuisine SEIRYU
Preseident Murai Shigeki

Very impressive service. One of our party members,Mr.Tawatehui was sick and left alone in this room the housekeepers kept him company and looked after him. So,nicely we appreciate the kindness very much. Mr Sinsuke Tanigaito is very informative and has excellent hospitality and also other hotel staff are very helpful. Many thanks from Tawatehui group.

C.T like Thailand

This was my first time at a Ryokan and I loved it !The food was delicious and the service impecible. The rooms are spacious and you set to wear a yukata, how very cool. A clau wonth visiting.

K like Malaysia

Thank you for giving us the chance to experience a unique aspect of Japanese culture. It was a fantastic opportunity. Arigato!!

C.P like Australia

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Ryokan Seiryu is in a great location-5minits walk from everywhere. The staff are very friendly a made us feel welcome. We will be back!

P.G like The Netherlands

A great place to experience a traditional Japanese in with the comfort and convenience of a modern hotel. Very clean.Friendly staff.Exceleent location.

R.P like The US

We had such a wonderful time staying in this cozy and friendly ryokan. Warm hospitality and kindness was shown to us all ths time!! Will definitely come back again!Thank you!!

B.Y,A.N and YY like Thailand

Aloha!We visited from Hawaii. We enjoyed the spacious baths which we don’t have in Hawaii and the delicious cuisine! Mahalo!

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〈Plan for international guests〉

Basic Hida Beef Kaiseki (traditional meal brought in courses) Plans Plan details/reservations

This is Seiryu Hotel’s 【Basic Kaiseki (traditional meal brought in courses) 】 plan. It is popular among guests for its reasonably-priced, top-ranked Hida beef cuisine which is served to individual guest rooms. Breakfast is served in the 2nd floor dining room in Japanese set-menu style consisting mainly of local Hida Takayama cuisine.


Hida-beef fine cuisine of 5 Special Dinner and Breakfast Plan Plan details/reservations

Because we are Hida-beef experts, delicious Hida-beef can provide. "I was good to visit to Takayama for only Hida-beef!" It is a word that we received from Customers who stayed in this plan. Please enjoy the Highest Hida-beef cuisine of different individual taste. You will not forget if you eat once.

Hida-beef fine cuisine of 5

Steak of Hida-Beef 150g Dinner and Breakfast plan Plan details/reservations

"We have a confidence in Hida-beef." For meat lovers who discerning tongue, will be available the Hida-beef steak course! The moment put into the mouth, you will be fascinated by the Hida-beef!

Steak of Hida-Beef 150g