Enjoy authentic Hida beef cuisine at this hotel that specializes in Hida beef

specializes in Hida beef

Champion Hida beef that has twice won the Best Beef Award at the All-Japan Wagyu Beef Championships. Hida beef is a delicious, first-class Japanese beef brand that rivals Kobe or Matsuzaka beef. Seiryu Hotel offers the highest quality Hida beef as a hotel which specializes in Hida beef. It is our pleasure to know that conversation over dinner is stimulated by the quality of the cuisine or that the cuisine will become a good memory of a guest’s trip. We hope you will relax and enjoy the Hida beef cuisine at Seiryu to your heart’s content.

The 7 attractions of staying at Seiryu, the Hida beef specialist

Use Seiryu as your base for visiting charming sightseeing spots

Takayama’s main sightseeing spots such as the old town and Miyagawa morning market are within walking distance of Seiryu Hotel. There are many attractive sights nearby such as the World Heritage Site at Shirakawago and the Shinhotaka Ropeway.


Shinhotaka Ropeway

A mountain ropeway that links Shinhotaka onsen spa and Sengokudaira. It boasts a magnificent view of the Northern Alps from Shinhotaka and it is the largest-scale ropeway in the East and the second largest in the world. How about a walk in the clouds of the Northern Alps through the seasons?


Hida’s Little kyoto

Known as Hida’s Little Kyoto, Takayama is famous for the Takayama Festival which is one of Japan’s three most beautiful festivals and the morning market, which bustles with the energy of producers selling local vegetables and folk crafts directly to the public. How about stroll through the old town where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo Period with rickshaws and sake breweries and try out some local delicacies such as Hida beef skewers and mitarashidango (rice dumpling skewers).


Shirakawago World Heritage Site

Hida Takayama is very handy for a trip to the World Heritage Site at Shirakawago. Due to the opening of the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway in 2008, travel time has been reduced dramatically and it now only takes around 40 minutes. Shirakawago is blessed with an extensive landscape including traditional Japanese architecture with steep thatched roofs and during the winter it is illuminated to produce a fairytale-like atmosphere.

specializes in Hida beef

Hida beef cuisine

Enjoy even more delicious Hida beef…
This hotel specializes in Hida beef cuisine and has continued to be chosen by many guests who come here in search of this nationally famous brand of beef.

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5 different kinds of onsen spa

Enjoy 5 different baths to your heart’s content! The most popular are the natural onsen spa large public bath and the outdoor viewing bath. The luxury of enjoying 2 onsen spas and a total of 5 baths on a one night stay is unique to Seiryu Hotel.

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Pure Japanese-style guest rooms

Lie down on the tatami mats and savour the aroma of the tatami and the Takayama breeze that comes in through the window.

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Hotel where you can enjoy a Hida Takayama onsen spa and Hida beef cuisine served in your room Click here for accommodation plans/reservations

Wi-Fi is available in the lobby.

Access from major cities

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