My greatest pleasure is to hear guests say that they will come again.

shigekichi murai

My name is Shigeki Murai, the owner of Seiryu Hotel. The present chairman, my father, retired the year before last.
I am here to tell you how you can enjoy Hida Takayama even more by staying at Seiryu Hotel.

I am very grateful that you have shown an interest in Seiryu Hotel in particular out of the many other hotels in Little Tokyo, Hida Takayama. Our Japanese-style hotel is not high class by any manner of means. However, as I mentioned above, even though it is not really for me to say, it is due to the fact that all our staff are sociable and full of smiles that many of our guests say that they will come again or that they are grateful for what we did for them.

All our staff try to create as many good memories as possible for guests who come to Hida Takayama. We believe that the relationship of trust between staff and guest is the be all and end all so I would like to tell you a little bit about both the attractions and the shortcomings of Seiryu Hotel.

I hope that your trip will become a really good memory…

The luxury of eating your fill of high grade Japanese Hida beef!

hida beef course

I would definitely like all visitors to Hida Takayama to try Hida beef.
The finely marbled and melt-in-the-mouth texture and the sweetness of the fat are characteristics of

Hida beef」which is rated as「high-grade Japanese beef.
The quality of the meat from Hida cattle that have been reared in Hida Takayama with its pure water, its clear sky and its beautiful environment is exceptional. You will never experience the feeling unless you try it.

All Seiryu plans serve cuisine that includes Hida beef.

To be honest, our costs have risen dramatically due to the addition of Hida beef to our menu. However, we really want visitors to Hida Takayama to savour the delicious taste of Hida beef. With only that thought in mind, we added Hida beef to our menu. This is the reason why, even on the most reasonable Basic Plan, it is possible to try the highest-grade Hida beef shabu shabu (thinly sliced beef cooked at the table).

Only at Seiryu! Special deal of 5 different kinds of baths

Spa Hotel Alpina

Our hotel is located in the centre of town.
It is for this reason that we do not have any outdoor baths, private or otherwise. We have two baths which are separated for use by ladies and gentlemen. They are compact but the water quality is good so your skin will be velvety smooth after your bath!
However, I am sure you won’t be satisfied just by this…

Therefore, we have arranged for Seiryu guests to use the natural onsen spa large public bath at our sister hotel

「Spa Hotel Alpina」
free of charge.There you will be able to enjoy 4 different kinds of bath with a panoramic view of the centre of Takayama: large public viewing bath, outdoor bath, ‘horizontal bath’ and pot bath – please feel free to use any or all of these. This is very popular with our guests who feel they got a really good deal!


Very impressive service. One of our party members,Mr.Tawatehui was sick and left alone in this room the housekeepers kept him company and looked after him. So,nicely we appreciate the kindness very much. Mr Sinsuke Tanigaito is very informative and has excellent hospitality and also other hotel staff are very helpful. Many thanks from Tawatehui group.

Thailand C.T like


This was my first time at a Ryokan and I loved it !The food was delicious and the service impecible. The rooms are spacious and you set to wear a yukata, how very cool. A clau wonth visiting.

Malaysia K like


Thank you for giving us the chance to experience a unique aspect of Japanese culture. It was a fantastic opportunity. Arigato!!

Australia C.P like


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Ryokan Seiryu is in a great location-5minits walk from everywhere. The staff are very friendly a made us feel welcome. We will be back!

The Netherlands P.G like


A great place to experience a traditional Japanese in with the comfort and convenience of a modern hotel. Very clean.Friendly staff.Exceleent location.

The US R.P like


We had such a wonderful time staying in this cozy and friendly ryokan. Warm hospitality and kindness was shown to us all ths time!! Will definitely come back again!Thank you!!

Thailand B.Y,A.N and YY like


Aloha!We visited from Hawaii. We enjoyed the spacious baths which we don’t have in Hawaii and the delicious cuisine! Mahalo!

The US Y.T like


<How to use this offer>

1. Please stop by the reception desk.
 Each group will be given an Alpina ticket.
 *Please feel free to ask the reception staff for directions if you require them.

2. It is around 5 minutes by foot to Alpina.
  You can set out to enjoy a stroll.

3. Hand the Alpina ticket in at the Alpina reception desk.

 In exchange for your ticket, you will receive a small towel free of charge.
*Please note that you will be charged for bath towels (200 yen each) so,
 if you prefer, you are welcome to take the bath towel from your room at Seiryu with you.

 (We do request, however, that you make sure to bring the bath towel back with you!)

<Alpina large public viewing bath bathing times>
15:00 - 23:00, 6:00 - 8:30
Bathing at night is a given, but we also recommend a morning bath.

Your meal tastes even more delicious when it is served in your room


Your meal served in your room – the ultimate luxury.
This is because you will be able to enjoy precious mealtimes during your stay with the people who you are close to without interruption.
This is the perfect service for guests who:

・value their private time together on their trip as a couple

・want to have a great time together on their group trip

・have babies or young children and value their moments spent as a family.

Seiryu serves dinner, one of the highlights of a trip,to all its guest rooms separately.
You will surely spend an enjoyable moment that will turn into a good memory of the conversation during a delicious meal.
*Please note that dinner for groups of 8 or more people will be served in a different venue.

Carefully-selected ingredients grown by the previous president


At Seiryu, the previous president (the present chairman) grows his own rice and onions and these are served to guests when they are in season. They are popular with many guests who say the flavours of the pure water of Hida Takayama and the produce bathed in the sun are delicious.

●Hida rice

hida rice

The characteristics of Hida rice are the strong viscosity of each single grain and its firm texture.
Please enjoy the sweetness that emanates throughout your mouth the more you chew.
Hida rice goes perfectly with the popular dish, Hida beef steak with magnolia leaf miso paste!

●「Hida onions」 – a typical winter vegetable in Hida Takayama

hida onions

hese are long onions with the fattest roots of all onions in Japan.
They have a strong taste when eaten raw so they are not good for condiments but the white and leafy parts are soft and give off a rich sweetness when simmered. In addition, as they are high in the proteins particular to onions and spiciness, they have high nutritional value.

Only 3 minutes by foot to the sightseeing spots you want to see


Take a look at the location of Seiryu.

To 【the old town】minutes by foot

To 【Miyagawa morning market】minutes by foot

To 【Hida Kokubunji temple】minutes by foot

To 【Takayama Jinya (historical government house)】minutes by foot

To 【Red Nakabashi bridge】minutes by foot

If nothing else, our location is the best. The most important thing during a trip is time, isn’t it? Seiryu is really the best location for those who want to sightsee efficiently in Takayama City.

Free Wi-Fi is available.


Seiryu provides free internet access with a WiFi terminal in the 1st floor lobby for smart phones and tablets.
A welcome drink of hot coffee or Hida’s famous water is offered so you can refresh yourself after your journey while using the WiFi.

Convenient services suggested by our guests


●Can I leave my luggage at the hotel before check-in or after check-out?

Yes. This service is for guests who arrive at Seiryu by train or bus or some other method of public transport.
Guests can leave their luggage after check-out as well. Our hotel is located between the sightseeing spots and Takayama Station…
Sightsee → pick up your luggage at the hotel → Takayama Station – the perfect route.
Enjoy sightseeing unencumbered by your luggage.